New Tee shirt for Pokitto

I have done a new tee shirt for pokitto,

Interested people can buy it.


We have spoken on FB and I think its cool that the community is active. It’s his interpretation, and I give permission to use Pokitto in this design. So if you like it, go buy yourself a Pokitto T-shirt made by @udhaya.

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To all: we are going to support community driven designs, whether they are t-shirts or new gadgets that can be used with Pokitto. In fact, we will allow selling your stuff on the Pokitto website, when we get the webshop running.

There is no policy yet how it will be done but the main thing is that as long as it is labelled with either Pokitto Fan / or Pokitto Community so that people understand that it has been made by members of the community and not directly by us.



The community driven designs is an awesome idea!

Personally, I can make some graphics to go on tshirts, stickers and such. I am also happy to contribute graphic design (for print, as it is my forte) to other Pokitto projects.

If anyone has good recommendations of platforms to make things like tshirts or stickers on (I only used rebubble in the past for selling art) or ideas for them, let me know!

Thanks all!
It is an honor for me. Lets see if anyone buys it and make us more happy.

Did anyone order this t-shirt? How is the quality? It looks pretty cool :slight_smile:

Since pokitto had arms and legs it would be cool if the modules that are developed looked like little hats