New plastic, more boards

At the moment Pokitto demand is outpacing production.

Just received a big bunch of plastic.

Restocking store soon.


Very nice!
At this rate I cannot wait to see pokitto become a hit and end up in stores.
Imagine seeing them in target? Target does do stuff like that stocking stuff like pokitto.


Any news about restocking the store? :blush:

Its restocked! 49 available!


Is the clear green front still not available?

No. It was not a very popular color and each change of pigment costs a lot. Sorry.

Maybe in a future run

I´m fine with it. Just wanted to know

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I’m kind of sorry about it myself. I thought it was a nice color. But clear has been the most popular choice by a wide margin. Also cyan/pink (“CGA” colors)

I liked the pink one but something told me orange.

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I ordered an clear orange one right now. Finally! After a year of waiting :grinning:


I’m glad to hear that, because I went for the clear green.

Personally I’ve never been a fan of the pink, but orange was one of my backup choices.

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Just as I was going to order and my preferred colo(u)r was out of stock, awesome :slight_smile:

What colour were you wanting?

White for back, it was unavailable and now it’s there. (Front clear plus black buttons). Hope it lasts till my transferred $$$ arrive to my PayPal :smiley: