My Pokitto just arrived today and the mini USB fell out

I was loading a game onto it, and upon removing the USB cord the port came out with it. I got the Pokitto as a gift from the Kickstarter and I guess it was supposed to be a build it yourself thing? Mine came already put together, which I liked but my port fell out like I said. What can I do to get it fixed? I like the thing but now I won’t be able to charge mine or really do anything with it.

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It is a solder paste application problem.

PM me with your address and I will send you a new board today


EDIT: I just noticed it was a gift from your brother, and now the USB has fallen off. I am very sorry about that. There was a problem with solder paste machine, and it seems you got one of the boards from that batch.

Either message me your address here on the board or send it by email to jonne (at) and I will send you a new board AND I will send another Pokitto for your brother. Tell him I am sorry about this issue.


Thanks Jonne I’ll do that.

I had the same exact problem too. theres another way to fix it but it erquires sautering experiance is looks pretty hard. I would just go with a replaced board