Mode15 (220x176x16) high resolution 16color and improved directbitmap


PokittoLib also synchronized on mbed now


awsome and i like the font :wink:

Anyone tried this on the device yet? It looks amazingly crisp on the LCD.

I haven’t but I was considering converting sensitive to mode15.

Tested it, it’s nice, you can still see the screen update, but it’s far better than I expected to see! Well done!


How noticeble is the update to you?
I found it only noticeble on large frame shifts or large contrast ing colors
You can see the code it’s trying to optimize as much as possible

You can try replacing the mode15 code with this one to get it a little faster I think but I cant seem perseve it but maybe you can

I’ve just tried it on the device and it looks really nice!

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where does that go?

It is already in the code in HWLCD.cpp

Just uncomment the #define ADEKTOSVERSION before the 2 alternative lcdRefreshMode15 functions

And just an observation: if you enable FPS display, you will notice that @adekto 's version is 3FPS slower than my version.

The difference comes from something I’ve explained earlier about the importance of limiting amount of calculations inside a loop. I split the rendering to 2 different loops, while adekto only has 1. As a result, the assembler can not use only registers but needs memory access also during the loop = slower

But: adekto has made the update horizontal and it gives (maybe) a better looking wnd result as there is less tearing in horizontal scroll

The scanline version (default) looks better to me.

wait what why is there an if inside the loop on mode15 now?

only if fps counter is used

Yes, that looks super nice on the device!