[minireview] Rocketman Orb Catcher

This is an entry of the MicoJS Gamejam.

The mission of the game is simply to collect the blue orbs in space by controlling a protagonist with a jetpack. Hitting the red one will reset the number of blue orbs.

The Rockeman is nicely animated by using rotation functions (I suppose) of MicoJS. There are also exhaust particles coming from the jetpack. The flying physics works as expected and it is relatively easy to control with just 3-buttons. The framerate looks good enough for a fluent movement.

A little detail: As you can see in the last screenshot the text background is cleverly made of different colored fonts.

There is a little delay before the game starts so there is time to make a gameplan. The game gets harder each level as the number of orbs increases quickly, so there is enough challenge for some time and more. I got past the 3rd level once.


  • Maybe a short animation effect when the blue orbs are reseted.
  • Sometimes it feels like I managed to slightly touch the blue orb but it was not registered. The “blue orb” collision rect could be bigger than the “red orb” collision rect.

A link: “Rocketman Orb Catcher by jpfli