[minireview] Pogo Knight

This a MicoJS gamejam entry.

The aim of the game is to get higher and higher with a pogo stick equipped with a jetpack. You have only limited number of times you can use the jetpack, but when you crush an enemy you get more. The mechanic reminds me of some 3D Super Mario game where there were a “spring mario” :-), but this is even a bit harder to control :slight_smile: I think this game suites well for players who want a bit more challenging game.

This is visually a very well made game! It has the best animations of the bunch. Really a pleasure to watch to.


  • Easier controls (or easier levels) for non-skilled players :wink:
  • A bug: When the speed is high, sometimes the player falls through the solid platform.

Hey, thanks for the minireview.

Just to be clear, there’s a mechanic here that you may have missed (or at least, you didn’t mention): when you land on an enemy, you press the A button to bounce off of them. If you time the button so that the pogo stick is more compressed, you’ll get a higher bounce off of the enemy.

I would have liked to put more visual feedback in the game for that, but ran out of binary space - and motivation for code golf - near the end of the jam.