[minireview] Ogam

This is a MicoJS gamejam entry.

There is actually a POP file for Pokitto which is gives it a nice icon and title screen in the loader. There is also a neatly scrolling start screen when the game is started.

As with some other entries, the instructions are a bit hard to find. After I bit of researching I found out that I need to press on one of the lined up (either vertically or horizontally) sequence of equal symbols. That makes them all disappear and the table is filled with new symbols from the top. After realising that the game was rather enjoyable. That is a familiar formula from many other games but suprisingly addictive still. The “symbol matching” makes the game a bit harder as the usual “color matching”, which is good.
Also remember to select “c” from the startup screen for the “normal” game! Otherwise, any single symbol is counted as a “sequence” (“kids mode”).

Having a Draoi (the wizard) to climb up the ladders as the game progresses is a good idea. He looks funny and you can even see the tiny “numbers” he has carved on the stone as he goes up. :slight_smile:

I saw written somewhere that there should be bonuses also but I did not spot any. Maybe I am just a too unskilled player :wink: However, I got to few times into situation where there were no more sequences to be selected and that is the end of the game.


  • Better instructions
  • A separate animation phase where the symbols in the selected sequence are highlighted and then disappear would make the game mechanics clearer to understand.
  • Bonuses(?)
  • add ESPboy 128x128 display resolution support


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