[minireview] Glimpse

This is a MicoJS gamejam entry.

The aim of the game is to collect correct keys for the correct locks until the time goes out. I like the idea that you have 36 seconds to solve the maze. In each round you progress more as you learn more. It is very rewarding!

Instructions in the Itch page are good and it is very intuitive which button to use due the helper icons in the gamefield.

The graphics are very detailed and nicely animated. Note: When you pick an object, it really goes with you as seen the key below :slight_smile: . It is not just added to some invisible bag.


  • There could be a “give up” button to quickly restart the game
  • Instead of black tiles there could be some graphics

Thanks for the review ! I’m glad that you enjoyed it :grin: I wish I could have made more interesting puzzles et have been polishing it a bit more…

  • I, hu, did use the “reset” button as a “give up” button myself on the pokitto :laughing: I totally could have been implementing it as the C button, I just didn’t thought about it (would have sped up testing!).
  • I agree about the black tiles. I couldn’t improve the tileset as much as I wanted (I wanted to have pipes/cables running in the background between the rooms, some posters, more dusty/rusty feeling variations, some inaccessible corridors and so on).