[minireview] Cronologic

This is a MicoJS gamejam entry.

The backstory goes like this: … A malevolent machine threatens to plunge the world into chaos through an incessant time loop. Equipped with a pair of opposing quantum guns, Doc and Rob must synchronize their shots to disrupt the time singularity at the heart of the disaster…

When launching the game you are welcomed by a gorgeous startup picture! The actual instructions are very short and it took a while until I understood the game mechanics. You must first move the doctor and shoot at the gates. Then you press B to make the doctor to reset and do his moves again! At the same time you can move the robot and try to shoot at the same gate at the same time. That is a very fresh idea (at least for me)! The moves of the doctor are also limited and you can get “out of memory”. So you need to plan your moves carefully.

The tunnel effect, when the gate opens, looks nice! The characters have personality and are well animated.

The idea is very interesting and game is somewhat challenging but just a bit short.


  • More levels!
  • A bit more detailed instructions would be nice
  • It would be easier if the characters would move one tile at a time.
  • Sometimes Doc goes out-of-sync

The link: “Cronologic by HomineLudens


Hey @Hanski , thanks for playing it!
No idea if the concept is completely new, but I never play a game with the same rules.
Definitely it needs more levels and right now is more of a proof of concept.
As you can see, in game graphics is quite poor, that’s an aspect I need to improve one day.