Mini2Dx to Javitto: A transition primer

I am working on a really basic getting started primer on moving from Mini2Dx development to using Javitto on Pokitto. The frameworks are drastically different and the technologies are not at all too similar, but as I use both (only finished games in Javitto though) I wanted to make this as a sort of way to document my journey.

As usual I’m open to feedback :smiley:


Good info and structure so far. I’ll be glad to help with how the final document flows (as well as proofing) once you’re a little further along.

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Fantastic! Thank you! My plan is to keep poking at it every now and then as a sort of “living document”. So as I continue to work with Javitto and Mini2Dx stuff I’ll just plop info in there as it comes :slight_smile: and updating of course.