Micro USB port came off


I wonder if it would be possible to migrate the USB slot to the right a bit in future Pokitto versions.

By the way, @Rakkachi, what happened to your A button?


This :

It does work better, so i am going to do the rest of the buttons as wel. Just did not have the time to draw and print them all.


Is it possible to cut USB connector on the left side?


I could, but there is a change the connections dont line up correctly causing a possible shortcircuit. They have to be aligned.


theres that second usb mount (unpopulated) but idk where that connects too

idk but could we use the PEX pins for charging?


Now this happened to me also :frowning: Luckily I have Segger J-Link Edu so I still have means to flash (and debug) the device. I am now trying to make SWD-debug signals to go via PEX so I do not have to cut the poor Pokitto, who has already broken his USB part :slight_smile:


What I have done since getting my replacement, is bought a cheap usb cable and files down the ‘teeth’ on the back of the plug. This ensures that the plug can be very easily plugged in and out with very little force at all.


Prototype or the real deal?


That is the real HW


New board coming on monday. I am shipping some orders at the same time.


Thanks, but there is really no hurry if I can get SWD-to-PEX to work.

Edit: Oops, I wasn’t consideing that I need to charge Pokitto :slight_smile: I guess that cannot be made via PEX.
Edit2: I really am going to make the same kind of USB connector mod as @spinal, or buy one of those magnetic snap-on / snap-off USB cables.


My little daughter ask for Pokitto to play with it. You’re always happy when your children follow your passion! But When I went back to my pc I found the usb cable from PC had a strange connector attached to it. The USB port!

So at the end it happens also to me :sob:

The damage was done but I’ve a friend of mine with solder skill level “GOD”.

Actually he do this for job, so I was sure to be on the good hands:

And now I’m back in play!


I have a magnetic micro usb connector and adpater I plan on using, can anyone confirm they would work as long as it’s micro usb?


Micro Type-B, ths same as the Arduboy.

Disregard this, I misread the question.


I couldnt fit mine magnetic usb connector because of pokittos leg being in the way. Did you try to fit it already ?


I tried one, the connection wasn’t reliable.