Mbed online IDE is working and will be released at the same time as devices reach you

Hello all

FYI: PokittoLib has now been succesfully ported back to mbed online IDE. I can write code, compile and download to Pokitto and everything seems to work. :sweat_smile:

Had a bad scare with latest revision of mbed lib (2017) which has many problems, but older mbed-src compiles, runs, imports and exports perfectly. We will begin by using mbed-src (2015) which is perfectly fine for 99% of whatever you want to do and squash the bugs from newer mbed development tree in due course. The problems in the new mbed repository are not caused by me or Pokitto, there are bigger issues (basic HelloWorld examples do not work etc). To me, this is simply a matter of using an older stable codebase. All the peripherals and examples work fine with mbed-src. I will show you how in a video soon.

This was the last big hurdle on my list ( in addition to the loader ) and we can now look to the future with excitement!



Will we be able to use µPython with mbed, or is it strictly a code:blocks type of affair?

I have not used the online IDE myself, but uPython is like any other library, so I see no reason why it should not work.


Thanks! Once we get a tutorial on mbed I might experiment uPython on it :slight_smile:


@Hanski this is why I wanted you to work on hardware from the beginning: the pokitto lib that is compiled in the online IDE is 100% the same as you’ve been using. @VonBednar : MicroPython will run, no question about it.


You can already experiment with uPython using the simulator :slight_smile: I have just put simple instructions to the Wiki topic

Or as soon as @jonne gets my PR merged to Github. :wink:

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May I ask if someone managed to confirm that my implementation of Sprited::drawPlusMask worked?

(I attempted to get Arduboy2 functionality running with the simulator on my own but couldn’t quite manage it due to inexperience with code blocks and the simulator itself.)

I assume it does work because it was merged, but I’d like to know for definite rather than assuming.