Matrix chat bridge (to Pokitto Chat on Discord)! Enter the Matrix 😎

Discord General chat has now been bridged to a Matrix room! :partying_face:

Discord has been one of the primary locations of most of the daily Pokitto communications and general community discussion. But there are those that for whatever reasons may not want to use Discors but use other alternative chat platforms. Enter Matrix, one of the many alternative services.

The integration looks nearly native! Almost no disruption to the chat, yet users from both sides may interact as if in the same rooms on their preferred platforms. There are small feature disparities (emoji reactions) but the majority of features look great!

For anyone wanting to check out the Matrix side you can try these links:

This is my first time interacting personally with a bridged room, so let me know if there are any hiccups :slight_smile:

Known quirks:

  • When a user on Discord posts for the first time (since the bridge started) the first message may get lost. My theory (and what I’ve seen in issues on github) is that the message is sent prior to the completion of bridge setup for that user.
  • Emoji reactions are not shared across the bridge.
  • If a user replies on Discord, the original message is lost, and only the reply is sent over to Matrix. Matrix β†’ Discord replies seem to work.

I have this vision of it posting the wrong emojis - you add a thumbs up at one end but its delivered as a thumbs down. As if conveying feelings is tricky enough!

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I would love if people who do not like Discord would try this amazing system. Matrix is secure and open-source. Maybe some day we will move the whole chat thingy over to it.

Thanks @torbuntu for figuring this out!


In addition of the reactions, we can’t @ you either, but otherwise it works!

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Thanks as well to @torbuntu for freeing us!


Looks like the bridge may now support replies!! :smiley:


Works fine… thanks again, @torbuntu :slight_smile:

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