[Magazine] High Score table

Your high scores needed!!!

Please help to assemble a 1-pager highscore table for Pokitto games.

Report your best achievements - for any Pokitto game - in this thread.

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For me so far:
Ball Bust: 1,620
Galaxy Fighters: 568,400
Kong II: Game B: 496
Kong II: Game C: 125 (I might have a higher score by now but will need to double check when I get home)

Will check my Pokitto when I get home and see what other high scores I’ve got, and will increase them if necessary.



I think @torbuntu maybe still holds on to some high scores? :stuck_out_tongue:

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For now :stuck_out_tongue:
Once he posts them I might just swoop in and take them while he’s distracted :grin:

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I collect some scores over lunch and see what I’ve got :smiley:

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Some of my scores:
Raquer Mete: 31020
Cutie Critters: 2500861

(probably games that @tuxinator2009 hasn’t tried yet :slight_smile:)


Not the highest scores but my personal bests

  • Galaxy Fighters: 359,270
  • Ball Bust: 3,260
  • Pysconian Deluxe: 15,553
  • Cutie Critters: 195,478
  • MineSweeper Easy: 20
  • Raquer Mete: 3,260

My highest score for Pysconian Deluxe: 19,569
But if I remember correctly some members had much much higher scores…

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For sure. These are just what I grabbed from my Pokitto :sweat_smile: wasn’t claiming to be the highest scores.

This isn’t meant to be who has the highest score, but rather a list of high scores so we can have a high score page in the magazine with multiple scores ranked from highest (mine :stuck_out_tongue:) to lowest.

Hopefully more people will post their scores for various games not to just see if they got the highest but rather to see if they make the top 5 and get their name featured in the magazine.


Maybe we need two types of high score tables:

  • one for you
  • one for other people

btw I forgot how much fun Pysconian Deluxe is: new personal best: 22,795


Kong II, the game A: 84
Not really tried the game B.


Am I the only one with a result in K2, game A? Hurry, now is your chance to get your name in the mag before it is too late !
( I think the “official” deadline is gone, but I am sure there is still room for a couple of high scores (?))


I don’t think a ‘0’ on Noggin counts does it? I completed it a handful of times during testing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think it counts. But imo, for any high score there should be more than one person’s results.

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My gosh how could I forget my Kong scores :scream:
Game A: 118
Game B: 23
Game C: 13

You beat me :slight_smile:

I bet you could beat mine pretty quickly though xD

I have:
Game A: 109
Game B: 33

Edit: I just gave Game A another try and now I’ve got 220.

Proof ? :wink: