Linker error in wrap functions

I am taking the combined PokittoLib into use with MicroPython HW and Sim builds. The simulator build is working well and I can run python example on the simulator. The HW build gives linking error about all the wrap functions: _malloc_r, _realloc_r, etc. (Sorry, I do not have the exact error here. I will add it when I get home).

Do I miss some library? The weird thing is that the “HelloWorld” target do not report any errors, even if there are those same wrap functions defined.

My forked PokittoLib is here:

There is a separate “MicroPython” target in the project.

Check your linker settings in the build options. Simple remove all of the wrap settings from ‘others:’
I have only


and nothing else.


Thanks, I will try that. I will also remove them from the HelloWorld target as people will copy that to make their own targets/projects.