Kickstarter day 7: recruitments and releases

Hello all

Just a quick update of what is going on.

Pokitto needs more backers. We would need about 50 backers a day from now to the end if the campaign to be able to offer you everything (the secret stuff!) we have in mind. At the moment we are getting ~20 backers a day which is ok but really means we need to work more in PR and communication.

We have (maybe) technically the best MCU console, a proven library and an awesome community going. Pokitto deserves more backers! We need to get the message out there.

I am happy to say fellow finns and friends @olli and @Markus77 have volunteered to help and are giving a hand with press releases and communication.

Negotiations for one of the backer surprises & stretch goals was completed 15 min ago, more news on that coming!

Until tomorrow!



Have you decided on a retail price for the pokitto? I’ve noticed a lot of other projects have “SAVE 20%” or some such figure. That motivated me on jumping in on my first campaign. Are you able to add another tier of pricing? Could the July shipment be “Super Early - Save 30%”, the current projects be "Early - Save 20%: and then another tier be save 10% or full price even? That might motivate some people to jump on board. I’ve also seen other campaigns increase their largest discount once it gets closer to becoming full so there is always that sense of urgency to get in on the early bird pricing. Not sure if you have the capability to increase the number promised in July, but perhaps you could do that with the August shipment. I also noticed you don’t have a count on the current pledge amounts so there is ZERO sense of urgency. They can come back as late as May 28th because it doesn’t show X of X00 available. Just some ideas to consider. I’ve never run a Kickstarter campaign, but I have done some marketing.


@josh True, the sense of urgency has disappeared. The main problem with Kickstarter is that the reward system is extremely hard to use. Backers can not pledge on more than 1 item which leads to the situation, that you would have to “give up” on your current pledge (for example an earlybird) to buy something else. This shortcoming is stopping us from creating better offerings for all the backers. It is very cumbersome.

July earlybirds were limited because we need to save some resources to allow us to ramp up production as well.

You have very good points. All suggestions are welcome!

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Well, at a minimum, perhaps you could add a quantity on the current pledge amounts and increase as it gets close to being full to bring back some urgency. The one pledge item is aggravating for sure. The smartwatch I recently backed had extra watchbands and an upgraded charger. They instructed us to increase our pledge by the corresponding amount and when the survey comes out we designate what the money is for.

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I have heard backers have a lot of problems understanding the concept of how to increase their pledge

Yes, that can be confusing. Hopefully you figure something out and some way to bring back that sense of urgency if you don’t want to add the counter.

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The counter is coming. For sure.