#1 is an amazing platform for distributing games/programs/media. As developers starting out it is also great because it makes sharing and getting feedback so easy!

I plan to start releasing/hosting all my games/programs for Pokitto through and hopefully this will also help promote Pokitto!

Of course I’ll make posts in the forums too which will be linked from

Anybody else use it?


I’ve considered it, but I don’t really make enough games to warrant using it.

I make more tools and examples than games.

I’ve considered signing up to trial the ability to allow people to make donations,
but I’m forever stuck in the predicament over whether to accept donations.

On the one hand I don’t want to feel like I’ve got my begging bowl out,
and I don’t want to feel under pressure to work on particular projects,
but on the other hand I think if my sideline was bringing money in then I might be taken a bit more seriously.


You can release tools and utilities on Itch as well as games. I have my FC on itch as a utility. I didn’t want to setup any banking or tax info (lazy) so I don’t accept donations.
I think though that if you’re wanting to accept donations, then maybe just put the donations on the projects you are wanting to put more effort in? And release the rest as however you’d like. Then the obligation may feel lessened :slight_smile: ?


I’d be surprised if I was making enough for the tax office to be concerned.
If I’ve read the rules correctly I’d have to be making £12,500 a year before I started paying tax.

I’d be surprised if I got £100 of donations per year. :P
My work isn’t that notable or important.
(I make useful things, but not much of great significance.)

That’s kind of the point, I’m not sure if I am or not.
I’ve been umming and ahing over it for a very long time.

Hrm, that’s a fair point.

Though I flit between projects too often to really say “this is the one project I’m always working on”.

To be honest if I’m not using for income then I don’t really see a need to use it.

Almost everything I make ends up on GitHub in source form,
I can’t see much reason to use on top of that.


The main reason I see for is visibility. But if that isn’t your goal then it wouldn’t maybe be worth your time to set it up :slight_smile:


Yeah, I just found this Electric Zine Maker tool… The page is also amazing! :rofl:


Dang. No linux…


Hello 90s my old friend. :P

More importantly, no source


As i support a lot of indie devs, i have an account of course, but i don’t upload anything. It’s convenient to keep track of interesting new stuff.