Improving toolchain

Right now there are three different way to develop your app on Pokitto: Mbed, CodeBlocks Sim and EmBitz.
The simulator had already allowed most of us to develop something, even before Pokitto was shipped.
If the the project is small (one file with everything inside) is quite easy to migrate it to mbed or embitz to produce an bin for use it with real hardware. Just copy and paste that file.

But how the best way to menage a big project with lot of files (c++/c/headers and resources) to migrate from Code::Blocks to Embitz and viceversa? Maybe I’m simply missing something. Thanks.


Yes you are. Let me organize the repo to reflect how I really work: same files compiled both on Code::Blocks and EmBitz. I’m just trying not to break the compatibility between the 3 toolchains by going step by step