High resolution graphics mode

pokitto seems interesting it has a couple ways to display stuff on screen.
however i do question the High resolution modes framerate and if that is useable for anything beyond pictures, visual novels or similar static games.

also in terms of color pallet and image formats are there any options in that?

@adekto The frame rate of the hi-res mode is fast enough for scrolling games - theres not a lot of difference to the 110x88 fast mode.

4 colors out of 244000, although with a bit of effore you could add your own graphics modes.

i see so its more a concern of memory and amount.

the most common image formats i would end up using would be:

  • 255 color pallet - 1px per byte
  • 16 color pallet - 2px per byte
  • 4 color pallet - 4px per byte

Odd bit modes will be added in due course (3 bits=8 colors) etc