Hi all!


New Pokitto owner here and hoping to learn a bit about C++ and microcontroller programming. So far my experience in this domain is very limited. In the 90ies I played around with C a bit, using “The black art of 3D game programming” but did not go much further than drawing some pixels and characters on the screen. Today, in the programming domain, I am mostly using interpreted laguages geared towards data analysis so the hardware oriented compiler workflow will hopefully be an nice change of pace, not to speak of the anticipated possibilities to use this little device as a canvas for some fun applications. See you around!


Welcome! Hope you have a lot of fun with pokitto👍


Hi, welcome to the world of Pokitto!


Welcome to the happy computer that lives in your pocket!


Welcome :smiley: I think you’ll have a lot of fun with this very cute and awesome device!!