Hello from Turkey


Hi. I am a audio engineering student in Turkey. I mostly interesting embedded digital synthesizers. Pokitto is the best portable game console concept i ever seen.


Nice! Maybe you can create a beautiful synthetizer for pokitto :wink:

I have spent several hours trying to copy an mp3 song to midi for a little game… So hard to get it right :frowning:


That’s pretty high praise! Thanks!


Yes or a good tracker would be wonderful


@eried thanks. I hope make one ASAP :slight_smile:
@just_a_name @jonne writed a tracker named rboy tracker. Pokitto completely compatible with it. But it’s little outdated and buggy. Also some features do not work. I hope @jonne have to complete rboy tracker after important things done. :wink:
Note about me: my English is bad. I’m sorry about that.


Yep. I actually already ported that tracker to atmega328 but gave up because I was so out of memory that there was nothing I could do. Shortly after this I began work on Pokitto. I hope to make this tracker thing ready on Pokitto.

But this is the kind of sound the synth library makes. The quality is not hi-fi, but the code is optimized to run with a game and not hog up all cycles.


Ah yes the sweet synthesizer sound


Is there anyone in Italy? Next academic year (in November) I will be in Italy/Venice for 1 year.


I live in the same region of Venice. Wellcome in Italy!


That’s awesome! Thanks :slight_smile: I hope we meet in Italy and talk about Pokitto.