Hello from Kentucky!

Hello, I live in Kentucky. I’m in school working on changing careers to become an elementary school teacher. Subbing full time for experience. I’m a single dad with 3 boys. My oldest is in 5th grade. He has been in the robotics club at school this year and last year. They used the Lego Mindstorm last year and Vex IQ this year. He is really starting to show some increased interest and I wanted to do something to help expand that interest. But the price of those two starter kits was cost prohibitive. I’ve looked at other lower cost programming toys, but have not been impressed. This sounds like the perfect solution!

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Welcome to the community Josh!

welcome, tell me more about this robotics clubs :laughing: did not have that back in my day.
what do they even use to program those?

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@adekto Same here. With today’s Maker Faires and 3D printers and things it feels that I am finally in the world I wanted as a kid. Internet is a great thing.

Check out http:www.vexrobotics.com for information about programming. The week-long World Championship was held at the end of March in Louisville, KY… About an hour or so from where I live. I was not able to go. They had 1400 teams from 30 countries qualify including 5 elementary schools from the county where I live. You can read about the results here: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/vex-robotics-world-championship-crowns-2017-winners-300446176.html.

The teams compete throughout the year. Unfortunately, my son’s school was not well organized and did not attend a single competition. I was really disappointed in that. He still had fun working on the robots.

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oh i see thats a shame, hope your son can attend one next time.
well looking at the vex thing seems a type of graphical programming (looks allot like scratch)

if you want we could look at some educational improvements in documentation/videos for programming the pokitto in future

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@adekto, educational documentation/videos sounds super helpful.