Hello from Hampshire, UK

Hi guys!

I realised this morning that I never introduced myself to the community. (So rude!)

My name is Jaco and I’m originally from South Africa. Been living in the UK since 2010 and lived in Republic of Ireland before that from 2003-2009. I’m married and have a baby due any day now! So exciting.

Anyway, I digress. I’m 47, so like many of you, have fond memories of the 80’s and 90’s games/retro stuff. I’m also an avid console collector like some of you, and have about 30 of them, although only about 16 on display and connected up. Also many handhelds.

One of my best mates and myself back in 2010, decided that we would like to start making games for retro hardware. It started on the Amiga, but we also made games for other platforms like ZX spectrum(he codes), Sam coupe(he codes), Android (I code), C64 (I try code!!) and now the Pokitto (I do everything).

I’ve been in the web development industry since 1999 and do that by day.

I’d like to personally thank @spinal for introducing me to the pokitto (without him realising), as he posted about it on Twitter and we follow each other. So thanks!!!
What I love about the pokitto is the ease of coding for it, the limited hardware helps constrain you to realistic and more achievable goals, and it definitely gives me the retro feels. :slight_smile: No faffing about with developer fees, licence issues, massive code bloat or submission processes.

Anyway, I’d also like to say thanks to this community for being so welcoming and helpful! I’ve never come across a community that’s been so supportive, unlike some other toxic forums that are “l337” so you’re just a pleb in their way…

I look forward to making more games for the pokitto and chatting to you all!
Please feel free to ask me any questions you like…

note: This is not a plug, but if you are interested in some of our games, our website http://blackjet.co.uk has more info.

(Wires everywhere but that’s because they get used!)

('scuse the mess… Just a shot of some handhelds and one of many boxes with games in it!)



(a late) welcome! A nice collection of devices and your web site looks very neat too.

That is exactly how I felt when I started with Pokitto-coding. After fighting with Unity before, Pokitto-coding was like a breath of fresh air. Nice and easy, like the coding was in the 80’s, before massive frameworks, monstrous dev envs, and frustrating AD-integrations. And now I can even do some gfx for games also :slight_smile:


Another better late than never „welcome“.
Very nice game concepts and a beautiful website!


Agreed, a very nice website.


Welcome! I always enjoy reading this introduction posts :smiley:
Thanks for sharing so much about your back story and collection images! Quite the great setup you’ve got.

I was actually just looking at the Pokaquarium game you posted and am really excited to try it out when I get a chance! The artwork looks great and love the concept :smiley:

See you around.

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Thanks for all the comments guys.

I have a backlog of games/ideas I plan to work on to bring to the Pokitto. I’m having so much fun!


I’d already stumbled upon your website because it was on your GitHub.

I wasn’t aware that the SAM Coupé was even a thing.
Apparently it’s mostly a ZX Spectrum clone, but with a few extras.

I’ve got a feeling I know what this is about, and if it is referring to what I think it is then I agree.

*cough* 4chan *cough*

I spy a black gamecube with Game Boy Player attachment. :P

(And what I presume is a wavebird connector, which was apparently only available in 2002.)

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Yes, gb player is a recent addition as I didn’t know about it!!!
You may have also noticed that some of my consoles have Everdrives in them. That’s because I hate having to insert discs/carts all the time and find it easier to use the Everdrives. I obviously have the originals in those boxes I was talking about though…
In the photos from top, down, is:
Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, Wii, PS2, Saturn, Dreamcast, PSX, Gamecube, N64, 3DO, SNES, Megadrive, PC Engine, Xbox, SMS. On the other side of the room I have my PS4. To the left, I have a C128. In boxes I have a Colecovision, Atari 2600, ZX Spectrum 128k +2, CDi, MSX, MSX2, Amiga 1200, Amiga 600. Under my desk is my Win 7 PC, a small Linux box running Mint, a tower A1200 with 040 card and an A4000 towered in an old Mac case. I also have some Rpi’s laying around not being used…

And for handhelds:
NGPC, Gamegear, Lynx 2, GB with light mod, GBA, GBA SP x 2, GB Micro, NDS, New 3DS, PSP x 2, PS Vita, Clockwork Pi, Pokitto.

Also have about 5 different laptops with various OSes on…

Might have missed some systems but I forget which. My wife calls this room my man cave and you can see why.

It certainly looks like I’m compensating for something…


Nice collection, if you want to keep better track of your systems and games I can recommend : http://my-game-collection.tuyware.com/

I use it myself and it has a lot of useable options. Although putting everything in it is a lot of work the first time :smile: (do have barcode scanner integration tho)