Hello from Bellingham, Washington

I am the wife of @tuxinator2009, I am looking forward my new Pokitto coming in the mail! I am a casual gamer at heart. We have a 14 month old son named Xavier, 2 dogs Blitz and Coco and 2 ferrets Cara and Verna. They keep me busy! :grinning:


Welcome onboard!

That’s a great introduction, ferrets and all!

Edit: my little sister lives just up north from you guys, across the border!

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Welcome! It is nice to have gamers on board as we love to hear comments about the games we make.


As soon as my Pokitto came and I put it together and showed her the first comment was, “I want one” :grin:

After lots of pestering, and failed attempts at taking mine, I was finally able to order her one :smile:


This is true, sadly he was one step ahead of me and had some good hiding spots for it. :laughing:


That is wonderful! We are in love with the Pacific Northwest, it’s so beautiful here.

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She actually mostly lives in Whistler. Ski bum.

Tough life.

I used to be into casual mountain biking and remember watching so awesome videos of Whistler mountain bike trails.

Hello and welcome!
Nice to have some support for me as a female gamer round here. Oh and did i say, i love kids, dogs and ferrets? :blush:


Hey welcome aboard.

I drove through Bellingham on my way from Seattle to Vancouver!

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Always good to have more games around! Welcome to Pokittoland :slight_smile:

Welcome to Pokittoland :smiley:

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Welcome ! :grinning: