Gamebuino Meta?

I bet a lot of us have seen this already. The hardware pecs are similar to the Pokitto, same processor (i think), similar (but smaller) screen. I bet we will see some games directly ported between the two systems once it is released.

What are other people thoughts on this one?

Pokitto is better for the design and the price (and the screen)


the interesting thing is that the hardware is the same with the same limitation (memory <-> screen mode)
soo we could share each/other dev and tool for the 2 plateforms :slight_smile:

I do like the wood look it has, perhaps i can 3d print something similar for Pokitto.
Is the case from the Pokitto already available for 3d -printing ?

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Looks quite a sleek device. The screen is physically smaller and has lower resolution than in Pokitto. The price is high: You can get two Pokittos at that price!

Well you would need two for the VR glasses :wink:

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Looks like an interesting device, especially for Arduino fans, since you can plug Arduino shields into the back of the unit.

The default video mode is 16 bit color, and it supports playing music, videos or images from the SD card.

On the other hand it seems to be about equally powered as the Pokitto, at a higher price. For the same price as the Meta, someone could buy a Pokitto AND a Arduino Zero to plug their shields into…

Hopefully this will lead to lots of cross development, and more software for everyone…

I backed it yesterday and am excited to see it. I think I’m going to put my TCG on both. :slight_smile:

The Pokitto has a Gamebuino simulation screen mode already, so making a Gamebuino Meta resolution is probably plausible.

I agree.

Not yet. I think the Pokitto case was injection molded rather than 3D printed so I don’t know if an accurate 3D model of the Pokitto’s case exists but I’m sure when @jonne’s got time later down the line he can arrange to release files suitable for 3D printing.

Not exactly the same but the Pokitto does have the Pokitto Extension Header (PEX) which I’m sure isn’t too hard to connect to an Arduino board.

That’s my sentiment too. No reason similar devices can’t coexist peacefully.

Its not a coincidence. Rodot was at MFR2016 when I was showing the Pokitto. I have a feeling the hardware specs for Gamebuino Meta was born then.

Nothing wrong with that ofcourse, we went around Rome together and I openly showed the device


I see no reason why Pokitto can’t run a port of Gamebuino Meta library.

As for the 16-bit mode, that can be done right away. 80x64=5120 x 2 = 10240 bytes.


Now that the cat is out of the bag, I can tell you that Rodot settled on that processor before the Pokitto was announced. He also tested more powerful processors, but decided on the ATSAMD21 for both Arduino Zero compatibility and cost reasons. The Meta has been a long time in the making.

But as others have said, having similar platforms is great, this means it will be easy to make games and utilities for both platforms, it would even be possible to make a cable to allow the Pokitto and the Gamebuino to link together and potentially support cross platform multiplayer and other neat things.

Yes and no. I know Meta has been a long time in the making. He got the pixel doubling TFT technique (= how to get enough buffer from a Cortex- M0) from Pokitto. At MFR2016 he still wasn’t settled on the processor. I was talking SPI and other limitations with him, it was clear he wasn’t sure ATSAMD21 would cut it. Pokitto was a proof-of-concept that an ARM-Cortex M0 was running Crabator in color. When he saw the pixel doubling on Pokitto I could see the issue of how to get around memory limitations clicked. I take credit for coming up with that idea, unless you produce a proof-of-concept video that predates MFR2016 with a pixel-doubled TFT.

December 2015:


I don’t know about that, I knew nothing of the Pokitto before you announced it, and by that point, the decision to go with Arduino zero compatibility for the Meta had been made for a while, that’s all I can say. But if you are talking about Maker Fair Rome 2016, taking place in October, I can tell you that doubled pixels had been widely discussed in private at that point. If Rodot was still exploring other avenues, I don’t know. But I don’t want to get into a debate here, I just wanted to clear things up a bit from my perspective… and I’m still eagerly waiting for my Pokitto. :wink:

Were you involved in the development of the Gamebuino at all, or just a Kickstarter backer, or both?

I’m beginning to think maybe it would be easiest to get Rodot himself to give an answer.

@Pharap : I’m a beta tester, I got a Gamebuino Meta prototype, and that’s it. I was solicited for my opinion/feedback during the development in the last two years, so that’s why I have insider info. I’m not an official representative of the Gamebuino or anything.

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Fair enough. I have no need to argue, since I know less about this than you do.

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I think Pokitto has a very good price point for the features it contains.


I think its pretty cool… we have “classic console wars!” :grinning:

More competition, more development = players & customers win.


I agree. The Gamebuino Meta is very expensive.

Yeah, but this time the most successful console will not be the most hi-tech one. In that case, people could always buy RasPi. IMO, the most successful console is the one that can keep it simple for the devs.