[Game]YATTT (Yet Another Tic Tac Toe)



Sadly I discovered there already was a tic tac toe version when I was going to public mine.

It’s my first C/C++ project, trying to learn something new.
It use high resolution 4 color mode:
Any comments welcome (please be gentile)

yatt.bin (45.1 KB)

Mbed online here: https://os.mbed.com/users/HomineLudens/code/YATTT/

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I like what you’ve done with this. Simple but pleasing to the eye. I can just wait until somone of you writes a code to this, where you can play 2 player game (like pong) connected with another Pokitto user.


or even 4 Pokittos, for 4 player mode - when the board size is large enough.


Thanks @Olli, porting to a multiplayer experience will be quite easy with real hardware. I should have buy 2 pokittos.