[Game]UFO-Race (GB Port)



Let’s put this out there… if there are any uncaught issues, we’ll solve them on the go :slight_smile:

This is a port of a brilliant Gamebuino META game UFO-Race, in which there is only one goal: finish the track as fast as possible! Credit goes to the original creator Aurélien Rodot (original code here).


Ported code by me is here, released under LGPL as the original.

BIN download

Sadly, there is no sound – I disabled it because it caused trouble and it’s not that important here. If anyone manages to fix it in the source, please let me know.

There is only one track – if anyone feels like it, you can add more tracks, or otherwise improve this great game. Best times are saved into EEPROM via Pokitto cookies. For things like META mode and Gamebuino onscreen keyboard I programmed simple substitutes – they’re not the same, but do the job.

Don’t forget ports like this one are possible thanks to sharing code under FOSS licenses, so please do the same with your own code! Have fun, and post you best times! :slight_smile:


538, anyone can beat? :slight_smile:


I’ll do it.


689 sofar…have to get back on that one later :slight_smile:


Don’t know if you already found out, but the darker floor tiles slow you down. It took me way too long to notice.


yep, i noticed and you can give the ship/thingy a real slide trough the curves. Dont really like the bleu ice, it doesnt seem to “fit” It seems a little to big.


@drummyfish : do not put a space after the [Game] in the title. I will remove those tags eventually, but for the time being leave it like that because I’m using it to find the things when I am rewriting the scripts