[Game]Super CrateBuino (GB port)



Note: this is an automatically converted Gamebuino game

Pokitto binary
scrateb.bin (59.4 KB)

Pokitto source

Original source

Port Super Crate Buino?

Any chance of adding color to make it more like the original?


That’s will be fun. Sure Pokitto is capable of this.
IMO it’s quite a shame stay with the GameBoy spec when we could get something better.


gamebuino specs, not gameboy lol

but if you want to raise the resolution and replace the sprites your going to end up doing a rewrite on the game mostly


Thank you sooooo much love this on gamebuino a rewrite would be AWESOME
hope someone will do it some day… not an easy task


#updated, EEPROM saving and levels working


@drummyfish Thank you! So Gamebuino games can be automatically converted?


TBH I don’t know if it’s fully automatic or just partially, never looked into it. @jonne can you tell us please? :slight_smile:


Any updates on this you guys?? :slight_smile: