Slime is a sliding puzzle game where you direct googly eye slimes back to there place.

slime.bin (60.2 KB)


needs sd card with SLIME.DAT file to function

(source codeslime.zip (9.9 KB)
this is a bad example to show of how to implement a tile mode game it alows you to use multiple pallets on the same screen but is slow and should probebly only be used for tile based board games, it composites a “tile” as a small buffer and then directly draws it to the screen)

Websites offering free graphics (and other assets) for your games

oeee, looks nice i am going to try that tonight :smile:


Just tried it, controls work nicely. Initial start seems a little wierd (black screen and humming)
Now i know you have to get them back in place, but what is that place ? Should it say slime ?


still implementing a win condition
will also try and get a level editor made


ah, ok well it looks good sofar :+1:


just curious, whats the .DAT file for ? Does it store the graphics ?


im not sure if i should make a title screen or make the slimes spell slime as the first level


the dat file stores the level


you could let them slime down from top of the screen, and let them spell slime like that


or something like this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgGzoqw9dfE


got the engine done its fully playable now
test level is a bit bad looking but level 2 looks more like the game should
still have slow load times with black screen
slime_alphaV2.bin (60.2 KB)
SLIME.DAT.zip (295 Bytes)

now have to build a level editor somehow


small update, i build an primitive editor in love2D
slimeEdit.zip (2.5 KB)
this needs love2D engine to work and just draw and drop the folder ontop the love.exe

it will save it to a SLIME.DAT file in the folder

you have to plan out your level beforehand since there is no undo


minor update to game, fixed a few bugs and added some levels
slime.bin (60.2 KB)

seems the level editor wont save correctly, if you want to add a level make a screenshot or draw out your idea
i will try and add it to the game :slight_smile:


Wow, this is a really fun puzzle game! Did you come up with this concept or base it off of an existing game? The puzzles so far feel clever and interesting. I think I got through all the levels in the demo, because I played until there was a level with a single block and nothing else.

When the levels load with a black screen, there’s also a quiet buzz on the speaker. I wonder if that’s a side-effect of reading data from the SD card. Are you planning to add a loading screen between levels?


Thank you, I Know it’s a bit rough and it’s harder to build fun puzzle then playing them XD
I have this concept for a while and had originally designed it intended for touch controls on mobile phones. I have not seen any similar games though it got some inspiration from wire connect.

I’m not sure that I get a buzz sound on mine
I do apologise for the slow black screen load times

I have play tested a couple times and the “kill screen” blocks seem to be random something I don’t get them at all it’s just reading garage from the SD card since it’s end of file I think


added the sourcecode of this project since i still had it and its not under active development, might be of intrest to someone who wants to have more colors on screen witout using allot of ram