[GAME]Rocketman Orb Catcher

Get ready for a cosmic challenge in Rocketman Orb Catcher, where reflexes, skill, and a bit of strategy will determine the fate of the universe’s most radiant orbs. Suit up, ignite your rocket pack, and let the orb-catching fun begin!


Blue and red orbs are drifting gracefully through the void. Your mission is to snatch all those elusive blue orbs. But watch out for the mischievous red orbs! One bump into them, and your hard-earned blue orbs escape your clutches.

The challenge will gradually intensify as the number of red orbs increases with each level. Every level has a ticking clock, and you must complete your cosmic task before it runs out.

But fear not! There are three power-ups to aid you in your mission:

  • Shield: Keeps your precious blue orbs safely by your side, while the red orbs bounce back.
  • Stealth: Lets you slink through the red orbs like a shadow.
  • Extra Time: Grants you a 10 seconds extension. Play it safe, plan your moves, and gather those orbs with calculated precision!


  • UP / A: Thrust upwards, defying gravity with your rocket pack’s thrust.
  • LEFT and RIGHT: Propel left and right to skillfully navigate the space around you.

POP file:
rocketman_oc.pop (246.4 KB)

Itch page for source code (MicoJS) and other binaries: