[Game]Prince of Persia

OK, I’m not going to provide you a binary here, but read on…

If you are a newcomer, this picture was to catch your attention to the fact, that the Z-Boy emulator, ported to Pokitto by @FManga is an amazing achievement.

You can easily convert suitable Gameboy ROM’s into a binary that can run emulated on the Pokitto. The tool for the conversion is here. (Note! On Pokitto site we only provide legal home-made Gameboy games! If you convert commercial ROMs, you are potentially infringing on copyrights and we do not endorse such behaviour!)

You can find a list of tested/potentially compatible games over here.

Meanwhile, look at what Pokitto can really do at playable speed, if you have the rom :wink:



So this topic should not be tagged as ‘release’ then? :slight_smile:


Maybe we ought to set up a bot account (e.g. “ZBoyBot”) to act as owner of the threads for the emulated gameboy games?

(It would save your notification list from the like-spam it’s no doubt filled with. :P)

My concern, and the reason why I put this here, is that people do not realize, that there are potentially 1000 games that we can’t show here

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