Just another Pong.
This Pong has these features:

  • Single- AND multyplayer
  • COM uses a difficulty-system
  • 6 ball colors (including a color-change-ball)
  • settings screen with some options (explained below)

Latest version: 1.2
Pong 1.2.bin (36,3 KB)

New with this version (1.2):

  • added multyplayer
  • bug fixes


  • Ballcolor: changes ball color
  • Multyplayer: switch between single- and multyplayer
  • showBallMovement: displays the Y-movement of the ball
  • showDifficulty: displays the difficulty (higher values means LOWER difficulty)
  • startDifficulty: the difficulty when the game starts (++ = very high, – = very low)

Multiplayer, that’s a nice touch!


You can get an older Version (1.1 without multiplayer) right now in the new PokittoLib!
Thanks @jonne for including it!

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Added the download.

Bug : In the Singelplayermode the red player disappears

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@Wandi’s right, I noticed this the other day but forgot about it.
The red panel vanishes soon after the game starts.

(If you can’t fix it or don’t have time to fix it, I’d gladly have a go myself if you show me which area of code controls the red paddle’s movements.)

Also, until now your game was in the examples but didn’t have a proper build target so nobody could build it.
I thought that was a bit of a shame, but I decided that it would be quicker to fix it myself rather than raising an issue about it.

Fifteen to twenty minutes later, et voilà:

(And now I know how to add build targets. It’s much easier than I was anticipating.)

Now we just need a merge from @jonne.

This now has a build target on the PokittoLib thanks to @jonne (and me).