[Game]Polar Parcel



#Polar Parcel, a Christmas themed scavenge hunt!
Santa had a mishap in the sky and ended up losing all his presents throughout the North Pole. The citizens are counting on you to find them all and return them to the workshop! Find them all and save the spirit of Christmas!


  • A - Drop all presents / Talk to NPC. (Be sure to be walking towards the NPC to talk to him)
  • B - Run.
  • D-PAD - Move.

You collect the presents automatically by bumping into them. Pressing A will drop all presents you are currently pulling.

So, I really wanted to get a game out before Christmas. This project was a result of non-stop development over the course of the last two days. It’s not very difficult at all so let your kids play it! There’s some pretty neat rope physics i have implemented for pulling around the gifts. The more gifts you try to carry the harder it gets to move around. There’s a small bug with drawing the map tiles when they are on the edges of the screen, but this seems to be a bug with the PokittoLib.

If you find any bugs please let me know and I’ll try to fix them ASAP.

Merry Christmas everyone!
polar.bin (62.7 KB)

mbed Repository

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This is awesome!


Great game. Is it possible to add map generator?


Great job @trelemar !
The graphics really pop out on Pokitto. It jump straight on the top of my preferred games here.
The gameplay could be improved a little but it’s really a gem!
Merry Christmas!


This looks very cute and amazing! Love the art and the gameplay seems top notch :blush: (I wish there could be an actual emulator for .bin files haha)


Thanks guys! I really wanted to add another mechanic to this to make the gameplay alittle deeper, but didn’t want to make the scope too large and not finish in time for Christmas. The last game I released (excluding cPong because that game is very small) was September so I missed being able to share my projects. It makes me happy that you guys liked it for what it is.
I leaned alot while making this and this isn’t my usual art style. I feel like I depend on particles and black-bordered sprites to make my games look alright, so being able to change things up was very refreshing. I like using 10 pixel wide sprites in low res mode because there’s enough room there to have decent looking ones, and aren’t too tiny for the screen like 8 pixel wide ones are. I’ll have to do more experimenting with the sizes for my next game, maybe 11 or 12 pixel sprites. I also really enjoyed using endesga’s palette and thought it would fit well. There are alot of blue/greys in the palette and this might even be the first game I didn’t use db16.

@HomineLudens Thanks a ton! Your image tool speeds development up and makes embedding images a breeze.

I might spend some of the day cleaning up the code a bit. If anyone’s interested in seeing the code I will publish on mbed in the coming days. Thanks again and happy holidays!


I would love to see the code, i am looking at all the codes from the various games to understand how thing get done.
I get the idea that there are many ways of doing the same trick on screen. Each with there own advantage or disadvantage.


Spend some time making an itch page for a simulator version of the game, Thanks Jonne! I hope we can find a happy medium between itch and hosting the games here in the future.

I also published the code for this project on mbed here @Rakkachi.


Why is there a extra Files folder containing a link to My_settings.h ?


Fun game! I see the gfx glitch: its left side clipping of tile and caused by last nibble cut.

I will look into it


Cool, it’s nothing major I’m sure we can fix it eventually, it happens with right clipping as well if the bitmap starts on an odd x coord I think. I’ve been thinking about how we can implement sprite batches. This way for tile backgrounds we don’t have to process each tile by it’s self, same tiles get drawn together in a batch. Since batches are mainly for backgrounds, we might not even need to blit.


I just got my Pokitto and i can’t stop playing your cute little game - thank you very much @trelemar.
Btw: Any Chance of some more levels?
The game is super interesting, it has so much potential. Or a highscore counting the fastest time, or someting like this…


brilliant! great gfx, excellent gameplay!!!


Thank you! Gee, almost two years ago I made this. Time flies!


I still think this superb title could need an upgrade :wink: