[Game]Pokitto Says [wip]

Classic “Simon says” electronic game clone.

Now with sounds and bootloader V3!
say.bin (68.2 KB)


This game is hilarious, I will add it to the game disk!

Needs instructions ?

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Still WIP.
Found that random is not working as expected. First sequence after boot is always the same.
Also I’d like to improve a little the graphics.

Try seeding the randomiser with the time since boot or noise from the input pins.

There’s probably a function for that built in somewhere that I’m not aware of (if there isn’t, there should be).

I know that there’s pickRandomSeed in Pokitto::Core for compatibility with the Gamebuino library, and I used that to seed the randomizer for Armageddon. However, it seems to simply call initRandom, which I assume is the intended function since it appears in the API docs. Unfortunately, its implementation appears to do nothing currently! I didn’t realize this, but I went back and checked: the initial order and location of missiles fired in Armageddon is always the same! I think that we eventually should use initRandom, but for now we may have to seed things ourselves.

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One common trick is to put up the title screen, and then call the random number function once a frame while you wait for the player to start the game. Since the number of frames that the title screen if viewed will vary, the random number pattern will vary.


I will come back to this soon, I promise. There is a way to get internal temperature of the chip, we will use that as random seed