[Game]Pokitto Lander [WIP]



Still really alpha but works on hardware really smooth.
Particles and all good stuff are planned:

#pokitto #wip getting fun. pic.twitter.com/RW4jqyUFZm

— Filippo (@HomineLudens) 13 novembre 2017


Are you already enjoying the benefits of simultaneous dev on embitz/codeblocks @HomineLudens?


So and so. Still not clear the best way to split my stuff from the lib and let updates straightforward.
Also I’m new to C/C++ and I keep falling in stupid mistakes. But hey I’m here to learn :slight_smile: .


Looking great! I’m really looking forward to playing this one!


We need a binary here @HomineLudens. Even if its not ready, I’m dying to test it!


Still very crude. No gameplay and just basic stuff. I’d like to add a micro mission system where various entities need something from you and you have to collect/fight/trade with your ship.
Commands till now:
Left/Right = Turn
B=Use Radio (to discover missions)

moon.bin (53.8 KB)

All graphics are vector lines, so I can easly modify: LibreCad->Export to Svg->C# Custom converter to C headers.
Feedback welcome.


My favorite game so far! Those vectors take me back. Wonder if Battlezone (aka Vector Tanks) would be possible too?