[Game]Pokitto Grand Prix



I just copied the gamedisk v11 bins to the SD card, then copied a bin file into CRP disable volume, before that firmware.bin deleted.


Added the new version to the top post (v1.1.1). In addition to the critical fix above, I also fixed a small bug that a fanfare was being played for each round, and corrected the version number in the “About” page.


I finally got to try a newer version of this, and this is really great, especially the custom tracks feature. I downloaded a bunch of the tracks in this thread, and there’s a lot of variety already. I think my favorite two so far are @jonne’s outrun-themed one and @torbuntu’s MorkLak track.

I can’t seem to load two tracks in a row without restarting the Pokitto for some reason though. It freezes when trying to load the graphics of the second track I try to load.


Yes, that is a known problem. Probably some memory is not freed, when unloading the previous track. Luckily, Pokitto restarts very quickly as a workaround.

I need to collect all the tracks in one place.


Out of curiosity, why do you not want to make the race starting location customizable in tracks? Would it get complicated to guarantee there’s enough space to spawn all the racers depending on where the track creator would place a start point, is it some other technical reason, or a creative decision?


There is no technical reason, but it is just easier to have fixed starting positions. I do not consider that a very high priority feature.


Hi all,

a new version (v1.1.2) is out ! @jpfli has implemented physics simulation to the game. That enables e.g. simulating icy road etc. There are 3 new tracks that use the new feature: “Mars Drifter”, “Cyclotron”, and “Ice Speedway

The track editor supports the physics parameters also.

The new version is available in the first post. It now includes the list of tracks and the zip-file which contains the latest game and all the tracks.


This is going to be awesome


Amazing! Can’t wait to try it out!