[Game]Pokitto Grand Prix



Maybe you could have different levels of difficulty?
Easy: NPC ship do not take advantage of ramps and boosters
Hard: NPC ships do take advantage


New track: Battlezone

An annoyingly difficult track with retro “Battlezone” theme.


bzone.zip (7.8 KB)


You are so good at track design!


Yes, that looks wonderful!

As soon as boosters and ramps are fully supported I will make beta the official version and collect all the tracks you have made into one zip file in the first post!

I will also put the hi-score table there for all the tracks. With screenshots that will look just fantastic!


New track: Outrun

A gentle relaxed track, like a passing breeze :sunglasses::kissing_heart:



outrun.zip (12.5 KB)


Please help if you want & can - the waypoints for computer players need work. Track graphics to import are below:



OMG!! Let me get the pieces of my mind that are on the floor…

Now I just wish we had a real outrun kind of game :wink:


Wow! Another great track! Very nice OutRun wibes.

Sure! Just write down the problems you have and I will try to fix them.


That’s all? Did you notice the hack?

The sea Hanski! The sea!


Oh, I should have noticed :-)That is an inventive use of road blocks.


Final testing with the editor. Expect the “boosters and ramps” release this weekend:-) Also other nice editor improvements have been made.


New PokittoGP and PGP Editor released!

New in PokittoGP (1.1.0):

  • customisable boosters and ramps
  • “About” menu item

New in PGP Editor:

  • Installed in the GitHub server, no more zip extracting to your own PC. Here: https://jpfli.github.io/pgpedit/
  • The booster and ramp blocks
  • Copy-Paste functionality in the map. Works in the map editor by pressing shift and selecting with a mouse.
  • Multi-level undo-redo (ctrl-z and ctrl-shift-z or ctrl-y) for the map editor, waypoints, and billboards
  • The zip file now contains the full path in the SD card.
  • The waypoint and billboard counter

Added the new version to the top post.


Looks amazing :slight_smile:



Custom billboards and background no longer loaded with latest version !

EDIT: it seems the first post of the thread does NOT have the latest version. I am adding it there.


I added the latest version again. Now, verified that the binary matches to the binary I flashed to Pokitto.


After the start of the Grand Prix game comes a success message. After that nothing more. If I restart the Pokitto, I have a white screen. What am I doing wrong?


Can you still flash other games to your device?


Broken file on SD card. You need to reflash using usb cable.


Other games are working fine. Same problem after reflashing with USB cable.


Try the older version of PGP (versions are available in the top post)


A critical fix for the bug which caused the tracks which did not have the ramp and booster bitmap to corrupt the memory!

PokitGP.bin (134.5 KB)