[Game]PokiTron, a twin stick shooter demo



I am planning to make a demo or a little game using the “Pokitto Joystick and Rumble Hat”:


The game can be played without it as well, but the experience is more captivating with the hat :wink:

I am implementing the game in MicroPython, and I am going to use Speccy style lo-res graphics.

The aim is to zap all the bugs that are hunting you, as Pokitto.
Meet the hero of the game below :grin: :



That’s so exciting! I’m glad to see you’re still working with micro python!


Some enemies done:


The bullet hell is coming along…

I have been busy with the online Python Editor release, but finally had time to continue with this. Of course, I am not participating to the competition! ( because I am a judge :wink: )


Trying to take the joyhat into use. Reading buttons works ok in Python, but reading analog joystick values is not yet supported. I am adding that support to the Pokitto Micro Python port.


I added the analog pin input support to MP, and the second stick works now! The game is much easier to play with twin sticks :slight_smile: I will add a video soon.

Only the rumble is still not working for some reason.


Here is a video of twin stick action:

P.s. As you see there is a FPS counter which implies there is now a time function in Python :wink: The function is not yet in PokittoLib or Python Editor.


Having fun with designing some tiles :yum:

Btw. I got rumble to work :slight_smile:


This is the back story:
Pokitto is trying to smash all the bugs with a cannon but they keep coming again and again, no matter how hard Pokitto is fighting. It is rumoured that they are not just random bugs but there is a mastermind behind this invasion. The master of the bugs goes under the nickname “Core”, but nobody has yet seen him. Pokitto sets himself on the journey to find and eliminate the evil “Core”. The path through the unknown foreign circuit board is filled with many dangers and countless of horrible bugs, but nothing can stop Pokitto’s journey towards the bug free future…


I some kinda weird way, your game reminds me of the game Venture.



Now the PokiTron demo is ready. It is really a simple demo, not a game. Shooting can be controlled by the analog stick and when the bug hits Pokitto the hat rumbles.
Note: The demo can be played without the hat also (use A button to shoot)

PokiTronDemo_py.zip (9.2 KB)

PokiTron.bin (165.4 KB)