[Game]Pokit Wars [needs help]

Mbed Repository

So Pokit Wars was my first attempt at making a larger-scale project for Pokitto. I began development on it in December. Due to distractions and loss of interest I don’t think ill be picking this project back up any time soon. I learned a lot from this project and am very grateful for @VonBednar helping me out with some art, Thanks!

Think of it as a demo to show what a game like this could play like on the Pokitto. There are a lot of things that do not work as it is an unfinished state. I hope someone can at least find it as inspiration. Don’t give up on your hard work!

Place both files on the root of your sd card, and boot wars.bin
wars.zip (42.6 KB)


@trelemar Are you intending to release the source code?


I added the mbed Repository link to the main post. :+1:


Nice, i am definitely having a look at that.

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Just played it a few times, and it is very functional already.
just missing a Win state and ai for the spiderlings (Did you intend the Spiderlings to be AI ?)
Thank you for releasing the source code, i am looking trough it to see what i can learn from it.
Im not capable to do anything with it, so your safe there :smile:

Yeah it was planned to either be single player vs AI or pass and play. Thanks I’m glad you like it for what it is. I’m not saying I’ll never pick it back up, but for right now I’m trying to focus on my other project.


I know the feeling. A couple of months back I posted a game jame entry on the Arduboy forums promising “this won’t be the end, I’ll add to it”, but I’ve just not found the drive to get back to it.
(Didn’t help that I only came 8th. :P That’s what you get when you try to make a game in 2 days instead of the full 7.)

Yeah hopefully I’ll make it finishable at some point. At least add a win state like @Rakkachi said and you can use it as a pass and play game.

Maybe you could start a Pokitto game and all will end well this time. :+1:


we could all chip in a bit to make this a completed game?

I would love to help, but i am just starting with c++…
I could try to help with the bitmaps, or testing or ideas :grinning:

btw. Wouldnt a win state be simply checking if all enemies are gone ?

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I’ve got another project I need to get through first.

I have actually got an idea for a Pokitto game that I’d really love to do,
but I don’t think I’ll pull it off because it’s too big and I’m terrible for getting distracted by new projects.
If you stacked every item in my project backlog on top of each other they’d probably be taller than the shard.

I had a quick peek at your code.

It made me wonder if EmBitz is close to getting C++17 support because C++17 has a std::clamp function.
(Which I’m convinced I’m partly responsible for.)

If I didn’t have that other project I’d help to add the finishing touches.

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@pharap I noticed your comment about Visual Basic in the Stack Overflow Profile. That is hilarious :slight_smile: and I could not agree more. I also hate VB and, for that matter, PowerShell equally. I cannot understand why they teach VB at school.

Our 15 years old daughter has elementary computer lessons at school and they teach some Lisp/Scheme variant there. I would like to have some good procedural programming language instead.

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Well i was forced to learn vb since the cnc i work with still uses vb 6.0. Smaller machinemanufactures seem to prefer this for some reason. A lot of things in the vb code seems to be really overly complicated, and my attempt for updating to a more recent vb version got stuck on the use of arrays in the different versions.

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I want to write a long grumbling reply about VB and its evils, but I don’t want to significantly derail the thread from its actual topic.
I’ll just say thank god I started doing C# in my own time.
I tried to convince the teacher in charge of the course to switch from VB to C#, but to no avail.

I will use Powershell from time to time, but only because it’s effectively batch with access to .Net classes so it’s good for writing utilities when I don’t want the whole Visual Studio environment hanging around (.sln, .csproj, .pdb, .vshost.exe etc).

Lisp and Scheme are both very odd languages to be learning,
especially in this day and age.
I think even Pascal or Fortran would be more useful.
(And that’s coming from someone who programs in Haskell from time to time.)

My SO profile could do with some cleanup. I don’t think I’ve updated it for years, and a lot of my really old comments are out of character because I’ve changed a lot over the years.
(For a start I’m a lot less neurotic than I used to be.)

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downloading, and though I am not capable of coding, I can try out games and give the opinion of a non tech user.

Edit, Ok, I played it and it is nice, I like how it looks a little hard to figure out but cool.