Isometric survival game for Pokitto with random terrain! Find and mine the gold!

Pokitto binary
pixonia.bin (49.6 KB)

Source code on mbed community page

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That’s it! It looks so darn neat, I foresee myself playing it way too much.


Binary added, source code available


I tried this out, and it looks great! I ended up having a lot of comments about it.

Isometric movement takes a lot of getting used to, and the height of the tiles is sometimes difficult to determine.

It also took me a little while to understand some parts of the game mechanics. Is night on a fixed timer, or does it start early if you go in a cabin?

Also, do all types of land tiles turn into an ordinary flat tile if you dig it down to water level and then lift it up again? Are sloped tiles only aesthetic, or is one side effectively lower than the other?

I feel like there’s a lot of RNG in the level difficulty, since the placement of cabins helps determine what gold is easy to find.

I think I found a bug as well. If you go to the edge of the map and try to adjust the height of a tile off the edge of the map, the game freezes completely.


What level did you get to? Did you, by any chance, encounter anybody yet?

EDIT: Cabins accelerate time

EDIT: believe it or not, Pixonia was coded in 3 days, from scratch


I did indeed encounter some thing. I only made it through level 3 or 4 though, if I remember.

Wow, 3 days is pretty amazing to get all that content done. That’s game jam speed.


Did you manage to escape?


It usually got me if I was wandering about because I couldn’t get in a cabin fast enough, although I did wait out some nights in a cabin. It did seem unwilling to come visit me when I was inside. Does hiding in a cabin count as escaping?


Yes. The real trick to getting further in the game is to learn to escape without a cabin


found myself trying to mine for gold by raising and lowering the terrain, and had the same control issues with the isometric grid. That being said, great game for three days of coding :slight_smile: And looks like it has great potential for interesting expansion too.


Thats how you mine the gold, by digging the rocks.

Did you meet … the thing ?


I certainly did. Took me by surprise because I didn’t realize there would be enemies in the game :stuck_out_tongue:


not yet! :scream_cat:


Yes mine froze at the edge as well!

By the way, is there supposed to be any sound in this game?


Weird occurrence so not sure which section to post this but…

Using mbed I’ve compiled and loaded Pixonia a number of times and I keep getting a weird occurence. The software runs fine, that’s not it.

Once loaded, via the loader, the loading menu never appears again - when switching it on - and I have to manually load up the PC, put it into flash mode etc. transfer over a new .bin of something other than Pixonia.

This is, so far, is the only piece of software to do this…

Stupid Q -> Is this known / expected?


That’s probably my mistake in latest update. I will look into it, thanks for the heads up.