This is my entry to Pokitto Punk Jam.

pandemic_tasui_B (1)

The backstory

The deadly pandemic has spread over the world. The cities, big and small, has closed borders and try to survive on their own. Strict isolation makes the situation a bit better, but still the pandemic regularly raises its ugly head in different parts of the world. Luckily, there is now the potion for the disease. Unfortunately, the potion is very, very expensive, and out of the reach of all but the wealthiest people.

You are a member of an underground, anarchistic organisation called “Bro Hodion”. It makes strikes to the medicine factories and steals the potion. Your job is to take your air vehicle and bring the potion to the cities where the pandemic has been noticed. Do not get lost as that would mean that the pandemic has spread too wide to save the city!

The devlog: [DEVLOG]Pandemic (working title)

The binaries: https://haviital.itch.io/pandemic or here: Pandemic.pop (553.3 KB)

The sources: https://github.com/haviital/pandemic



It’s a fun educational game!

I hope it’s punk enough :sunglasses:

Good luck!

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