[Game]Millipe (Direct port)




As promised, a direct port of @Dreamer2345’s Millipe, as requested by @Beau, minus the sound.

This game relies on the (still work in progress) Arduboy2 for Pokitto.
(I hope to find some time to work on that again soon if the interest is still there.)


You can find the source code here:


You can find the .bin files here:


As per the original code, this port is licenced under the MIT licence.

Thus you are free to do as you please as long as you retain the licence notices and don’t misrepresent the origins of the software.

Other info

This was actually finished a few days ago, but I got talking with @Dreamer2345 and when he saw my code changes he decided he’d like them incorporated into the original so I’ve been helping out a bit with reorganising the original.

On top of which he decided to create a new titlescreen, so I decided to wait until that was added to the original so I could incoporate it into the port.

As an added bonus I’ve spent time piecing together the commit history in a way that should demonstrate how to port an Arduboy game.

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