[Game]Mambo Is Me



Here’s my entry for the Java of the Dead game jam. A box-pushing game, where you solve puzzles by manipulating game rules. The rules are made up of movable word blocks. By rearranging the blocks you can change properties of objects and transform objects into other objects.


See Itch page for more info and downloads:

Source code:


The puzzles are very clever! There are more than one way to solve most puzzles.


Thanks, although I can’t take full credit for the puzzles. Some of them are my own, but most are heavily inspired by the puzzles in Baba Is You.


A very nice startup animation, good instructions, and even the hints system. The graphics are simple but very fitting to this game. If you like puzzle games you will love this! The game mechanics is easy to understand (Sokoban like, but with a huge twist), and the puzzles a ingeniously designed. You always want to see the next puzzle. There are several ways to solve most puzzles, which makes it very pleasing. The only downside is that you might have played the original “Baba is you” game, as this is more or less a remake of it (I have not played the original). Anyway, I am very happy we have a Pokitto version of it now!

Special in this game: This game makes you feel like a genius! (or, occasionally, very stupid :wink: ).


  • Maybe a background music (?). Some classical composition could suit to the game.

Now, excuse me, I have some puzzles to solve…:thinking:


I have the original game - they are both fun!


Thanks for the review! I thought about adding music, but was worried it would quickly become too repetitive. My brief experiments with algorithmic music generation on the last days weren’t too promising either.