[Game]Lights Out [V1.0]


A remake of the classic Lights Out game.

Graphics    @vampirics
Code          @filmote

Source        Source Code
ZIP              LightsOut.zip (2.3 MB)

Installation Instructions

This game consists of a POP file and supporting sound assets packaged in a .zip file. Please expand the contents into a directory on you computer - you will see a POP file and a sub-directory called music. Please ensure both the .POP file and folder are copied to the root directory of your SD card.

Depending on what other games are installed on your Pokitto, you may already have a sub-directory called /music on your machine. If prompted, simply merge the contents of the Lights Out directory with the folder already on your machine. The names of the file are unique and should not clash!

LightsOut_Pokitto.bin.1   LightsOut_Pokitto.bin.2

LightsOut_Pokitto.bin.3   LightsOut_Pokitto.bin.4


You need to go easy on us … this game was put together over a single day and night! We did it while taking a break from another game that is killing us!


For the people who never played the original, in this game you need to turn off all the light, so basically make the whole gamefield grey. Clicking on a button will invert the state of all the button around it and the one you pushed.

Highscore in this version is kept by the number of moves it took you to win.
Have fun!

EDIT: I noticed the bg music doesn’t loop, will need to be fixed soon.

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Hey @Vampirics, do you like this game?

What do you think? I suggested the game myself :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s true, you did.

This was always one of my favorite, more simple puzzle games.

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Simple games like this are easy to create on the Pokitto … they are timeless.

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I especially like having some of these simpler games on my Pokitto for on the go like when I’m waiting in line at the bank or something. It can also be a great conversation starter when people ask what that (the Pokitto) is.


People do that nowadays? I don’t think I have been inside a bank for years.

You guys have banks? As in real buildings? I don’t think I have seen an actually physical bank in years in Finland.

Really?? That’s very interesting :thinking: the town I mostly grew up in had 2 on the same block :rofl: a town of less than 3,000 people.

We used to pay out rent with checks going to a bank. Even the tellers looked at us weird :grin:

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They are getting few and far between here in Australia. We have four major banks and they are all afraid to be the first ones to close branches. They make so much money that every time they lay people off and close branches the public is outraged!

Cheques (note the correct spelling :slight_smile: ) are certainly a thing of the past in all countries but the US. I work with a banking fraud detection product from an Israeli / US country and they keep talking about their cheque fraud module and ask us why we do not push it in Australia. The Americans cannot understand that there is no market for it outside of the US.

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To be fair, most folks my age don’t even own cheque books and many have never even written a cheque :sweat_smile:. So it is definitely going away here very slowly.

Wow … usually when you force ‘British’ spellings of words onto Americans they resist. That was easy. And before @carbonacat reacts, yes it has a French origin.


Yes. Invented by Jaques de Cheques d’Villebois, 1634


My goal is to communicate as efficiently as possible in a global community :smiley:

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This is accomplished by using all the colors of the rainbow right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I still go to a physical bank for the odd thing here and there.

Britain is desparately clinging to them.
If they all close then the technophobic OAPs will be well and truly stuffed.

Sometimes I prefer the term ‘commonwealth spellings’ to emphasise that it’s not just our little island that uses them.

Most people remember that Australia and Canada inherited British spellings, but a lot of people forget that countries like New Zealand, India, Pakistan and many African nations (e.g. South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Sudan…) have also inherited British spellings - practically all of the commonwealth still uses them to some extent.
Not to mention the really obvious non-commonwealth one that nearly everyone overlooks - Ireland.

Of course some have drifted more towards US spellings.
(Particularly Canada due to proximity and migration/visitation, despite the fact many ‘commonwealth’ spellings coincide with French spellings like centre, theatre and dialogue.)

Wikipedia claims otherwise, and I can’t find any evidence of a monsieur d’Villebois.
(Though absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.)

But you forced them on us!

That word. Its sounds like they made a choice :slight_smile: