[Game]Kooky Kookies


Santa has delivered the presents and filled the stockings. Help Santa eat the cookies before the kids wake up and discover him in this match 2 puzzle game. Build bigger sets to get extra time and lots of points.


Game available for download here


How festive! Fun little game. I fixed your title so it appears on the games page correctly.

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This looks so much better in colour.

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Thanks, and thanks for fixing the title

Yes it does, Game is easier to play in color also.

Added .gif. If you do not Like it, I will remove it.

Thanks for a great game!

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Gif looks awesome, thanks


Do you have sound effects in the Arduboy version?

Yes, I was not able to get the sound effects to work on the Pokitto though. Slowed down the frame rate too much.
The Arduboy version uses Arduboy tones and the TinyArcade version plays wave files from SD card

What would be currently the least cpu intensive way to make sound effects (@jonne, I know that you are making DMA based, I suppose buffered, audio implementation in the future)? I do not want gfx fps to drop too much, but still want simple sfx. I would guess PWM audio is not cpu intensive, if there is some kind of HW support for that. Also it most likely will help if using one channel only in audio sampling, so that audio mixing is not needed. And also using low sample rate (11 or 8 khz?) in audio.

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@Hanski and @Shdwwzrd Crabator has sound effects and runs OK. A game like Kooky should be able to run sound (even streamed from SD) with no difficulty

I am on a “bug fixing / feature-enhancing marathon” at the moment, just fixed something for @trelemar

I will get to the sound things soon

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