[Game] Kiiro Ninja (needs coder)

Long time ago (2015) I started doing graphics for Atari 8bit game called Kiiro Ninja.
But I had bad luck on coder.Somewhere I have font sprites and map, music.I can easily redraw it or export it to PNG for your gfx tools… Probably I will release Android version during summer 2018 (one world for free and 6 other for 3euro).So why not Kiiro for Pokitto :)???
I have story, sprites, map.And want buy game editor for Android so you will have playable prototype too.
So when someone will finish his/her project you can help me with my…

Every game console needs little yellow ninja superhero!


greate you have everything apart, but there a few things that bother me with this.

one is this sounds a bit like an advert for a android app even if its not made yet (not sure whats you mean by buying a game editor for android since theres so much engines you can get for free)

the size of the concepts you give are far larger that the screen please keep in mind the limitations of 220×176 pixels
in that mode you can have more then 2 colors.

from what i see im unsure why you wouldn’t try programming this yourself
if you want an app version of this it might be cool and not to difficult to port the pokitto version to mobile but for that you can ask help on here i think other people are into porting the api (actually i think most of the simulator can probably run on mobile)

That gfx is 320x192x2 (a800 hires),ninja sprite is pmg mapped so can have 3th color.
I can code only in turbo pascal,free pascal,lazarus pascal,mad pascal…I have c, c++ basics but cant do so complex game.Only pong, snake…That android editor is mouse clickable+simple script for tunning.I dont want make advert.Simply I will give free codes for Pokitto members.More it will be like prototype / interactive map for coders of Pokitto,Atari,C64 versions.I want buy that editor as it is very robust.Its more powerful like free tools.And yep I want sell android version (I need money for buying multiple Pokittos, 32gb ram,2tb or more disk,4gb or more vga,seeing Croatia in summer,repair my bike).Why not?As I wrote all Pokitto members will gets android version free too…

what are you even talking about?
tbh if you know all the languages im sure you can make something beyond a snake

as far as i know most of the gui editors with little to no code are not super greate over pure code
need recomendations? godot is prety good, if you want something with corprate backing theres defold engine

if i recall atari st and c64 are entirely different beast of coding and require you to use there assembly languages

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I think godot uses a proprietary scripting language, which looks pretty straightforward but I don’t think I’d pick it for beginners.

its python-ish with some js almoust and there doing allot of work on documentation but there also working heavly on adding c#
point is its a solid engine with and editor thats free

and im not sure what Matej wants but im asuming its something like gamemaker wich is also a custom thing

I will buy scirra construct 3.Its like game maker but more visual and with lower price for indie studios.Now back to the Kiiro game.I can also redraw it to 220x176 or 110x88 as I wrote.Maybe in full colors (not just 2 or 4).

You ought to be able to use GNU Pascal with the Pokitto. It’s a front end for GCC, so you can use the ARM back end. Getting it all put together, and then accessing the Pokitto libraries, is liable to be a chore, though.

I am learning c/c++…Reading few books.Than I will look into code of pokitto games…

I was working on something similar before I dedicated myself to making the Pokitto


Thats cool! Your style is amazing (like Shadow Dancer on ZX Spectrum).