Hi there!

This is a little game I’ve made with the new Online Python Editor. It’s really simple but it was fun to create. :slight_smile:

You are a kitty. :cat2:

Take pictures of the sleeping lion to score points. Note how the environment changes as your score increases. Don’t get noticed by the scary lion. :lion:

I’d appreciate if somebody would test and tell me if the game runs ok on an actual Pokitto. :smiley:

start ingame

KameraKatze.zip (117.1 KB)
KamerKatze.bin (174.0 KB)

Edit: Updated to latest version with sound.
Edit2: Added score multiplier.

[Release & Competition] Online Python Editor for Pokitto!
[Release & Competition] Online Python Editor for Pokitto!

Works very well on HW :slight_smile: Do you want to attend to the Python competition?


Agreed, It is a cute game :slight_smile: The more entrys in the contest the better!


Thanks for trying the game. I’ll submit it to the contest as soon as I’ve added some sound.


At the moment, adding sound to the uPython game is a bit difficult. @Hanski, @FManga, should we look at that next?


Ah, I see.

In that case I’ll add it to the contest and maybe get back to it later. Maybe I get some other game done until then. :wink:


Sure, that is something we should add next.


Ok, so I tried to add sounds but I don’t know if it worked.

Would be nice if somebody tested this. :wink:

There should be a short, beepy melody played in the start menu and some annoying bleeps in the game.

KameraKatze_sfx.zip (116.7 KB)
kamerakatze_sfx.bin (173.8 KB)

Edit: Ok, this didn’t work. Thanks for testing @sbmrgd


I gave it a try yesterday evening but I did not hear anything…


We are soon releasing Python Editor with a sound playing example.


Oh dear… Now that we have an example I see what went wrong. :laughing:

Another try:
KameraKatze_sfx.zip (116.8 KB)
kamerakatze.bin (139.7 KB)

Maybe I uploaded an older version - the file size is too small.


Sounds are working nicely! I just rebuild it with the latest Python Editor. The attached bin did not have sounds (probably due the Python Editor was not fully updated at the time it was built)

Below is the binary:
kamerakatze (4).bin (173.9 KB)


I’ve added the score multiplier that @jonne suggested. Since the movement of the sun/moon is tied to the score, this caused them to rise and set faster, so I added some steps in between.