Hi guys, here is a WIP demo of my Q*Bert style game. It’s maybe 50% done, playable but needs a little work.

joebert_wip.bin (186.0 KB)



  • in-game sfx
  • mixed screen mode

Currently all enemies, including collectable items will kill you. That will of course change.


It’s nice to see someone bringing one of my childhood game to the pokitto, I even still have the old coleco handheld arcade of this, I had to make new decals for it because they got damaged though…

Will you add the spinning disc to fly to the top or it won’t be needed in your version?

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I do intend to. Not going to make any promises though.

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What are the controls for this game?
It seems that I can only press A to start a game but I cannot move in the game

EDIT: nevermind I figured it out how to play this.
Nice game!


I like it, its really good looking, Id change the controls to normal cardinal points though, pushing diagonal is nah.

However up/down/left/right never ever works satisfactorily on an isometric game.

How about a selectable option?


If you can only move on a diagonal, how could cardinal controls possibly work? o_O

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I find them usable.

Just when I thought your icon couldn’t get any scarier, you find a scarier one… :P

I just suggest it because pushing two buttons makes it harder to play

Muahaha!!! :rofl:

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I wasn’t expecting this much controversy over the controls. The way I see it, the only way to move diagonally in a game is to press diagonally on the d-pad.
However I do see that some people disagree, so I will add an option of some kind.


For your information, GBA’s Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and its sequel, Final Fantasy Tactics A2 are using the (UP) -> (Up, Right) or (UP) -> (Up, Left) depending on a settings. Diagonals are handled like (UP, LEFT) -> (Up).

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I have this in cartridge form.
Excellent game.

I can’t remember what Disgaea does, but it must chose one or the other for d-paded consoles like the DS.

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I wasn’t suggesting that the only possible way to go diagonal was to press diagonal. Only that the only sensible way to do it is that way, as it doesn’t introduce any confusion about what the controls might be. You press Up + Right, you move Up + Right, simple.

Oh, that wasn’t a critique or an incitation, just an example implementation into a successful game, brought as a simple piece of information for you.

It’s your work, you’re free to do whatever you want :blush: also for joining your point, I always found the first minutes a bit awkward for both of those games - fortunately that was washed away by the rest of the game haha

IIRC, when freely moving it’s the natural directions, but it’s the same pattern than FFTA/FFTA2 when in battle

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