Game Jam starting soon

Hi all!

The long-awaited game jam will start soon. I still need to put up the necessary details and finalize a few things. I have been away - came back last evening - but I will try to get everything done tomorrow / day after tomorrow.

The jam will last for a month, info on jam will be here on the forums & on because itch is such a great platform.

It looks like the jam themes will be Demake and/or Cuteness Overlord but I am still discussing with BatComputer whether to use the BatVeto to add a third theme or modify the theme description a bit. Any opinions are welcome, I will type the punch cards and feed your ideas into the shredder BatComputer before everything is finalized.

Jam winners will get their interviews into next PokittoMag which I will also try to get assembled during the jam.


A little bit more patience please! I am working on the Jam!

First sketch of the “Demake Cute” gamejam itch io title image: