Game Jam Preproduction - A thread for everyone!

Before actual work goes into making a new game, they often go through a phase of “preproduction”. That is a period of reference-gathering, brainstorming, planning, testing new tech, testing game mechanics on prototypes, etc.

Whether you plan on making an entry of your own or not, and even if you voted for the winning themes or not, now’s a good chance for everyone to participate!

When you think of “Cuteness overload” and “Demakes”, what is the first thing that comes to mind? What’s the cutest thing you can think of? Have you ever played a game where the cuteness really stood out to you? Which games on other platforms would work really well on the Pokitto? Share screenshots, links to artists’ pages, videos, anything that comes to mind.

Now is the time to get inspired and inspire others!


Cute space invaders!


Discussions on Discord have so far mentioned Tamagochi, Chibi, and…

Magical Girl anime:

And Tongari Boushi no Atelier:

Slice-of-life shows also come to mind, despite often mixing in other themes like surrealism:


Kawaii game


Saving teddy bears from certain doom?!!


There was this jam:

Edit: the jam duration was only 10 days!


So to make a demake of the Breath of morning the Wild, you must reduce it to the pure essence. That is adventuring (?). No, I mean the pure essence. Kill the Ganon! Yes, make a demake of that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have long suspected @FManga is secretly an otaku…

One game that’s recently had a lot of success being ‘cute’ is Slime Rancher (

(Personally I have mixed opinions of it.)

An old staple that’s still going is Animal Crossing. Its original name is ‘Dobutsu no Mori’ (どうぶつの森), meaning Animal Forest. (I happen to have a copy of the original Game Cube version, complete with memory card.)

I have a vague memory of a someone I used to know having a Hamtaro game when I was much younger, I think that would qualify as ‘cute’.


(There’s been at least half a dozen of those.)

And then there was Catz.


Which featured an obnoxiously cute theme song performed by an alt-rock band called Nada Surf.

For the more abstract there’s Chibi and Kawaii:

Nobody can best Japan when it comes to kawaii.

I’ll also mention Lolita fashion, but your mileage may vary on that one.
One man’s kawaii is another man’s kowai (‘scary’/‘eerie’).

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For demakes…

(Warning: TV Tropes link.)

Notch’s Minicraft (Ludum Dare 22 | Ludum Dare) was a top-down 2D Minecraft-like game made as a Ludum Dare entry. It’s surprisingly fun.

Gang Garrison 2 ( is quite a notable demake.

I’m not sure if it counts, but Dragon Quest XI, whilst being primarily 3D, features a 2D mode that renders the game world in a classic 2D Dragon Quest style.


Someone was trying to make a 2D Majora’s Mask once upon a time…

Majora's Mask Demake

(I’m not a big fan of the art style, but I appreciate the intent. Majora’s Mask is a great game.)

And likewise there have been attempts at making 2D versions of Ocarina of Time, like this one.



Well, there’s Cat Quest for cuteness overload :scream_cat:

Also, doing image searches for demakes usually gives some inspiring results.

Like a Mass Effect demake as a point & click adventure…

Or this beautiful mock-up of a Starcraft demake:


For cuteness, there’s quite a lot of reference material if you browse things tagged as “cozy” and “wholesome.” Vagueness of the terms aside, they frequently use the aesthetic. Here’re the trailers from the most recent Wholesome Direct showcase: E3 Wholesome Direct 2021: All trailers only with timestamps - YouTube (I’d recommend watching at 2x).

As far as moodboards and screenshots go, I lazily slapped some together. From left to right, top to bottom: Here Comes Niko!, Cozy Grove, Yokai Inn, A Short Hike, Frog Detective, Button City, Garden Story, Ooblets, Snacko.

For demakes, I consider them a little easier. Pick a 3d game, make it low res, and distill the mechanics to the core loop. I don’t really have any good moodboard material for them, though, save for this Monster Hunter demake mockup that I grabbed somewhere off the internet a while back:


Edit: oh, but The Borderlands (no longer playable) and Super Sanctum TD are some notable demakes made by the IP holders.


Apparently Bethesda made a Fallout 3 demake in the form of a JRPG as a marketing tactic to try to win over the Japanese audience, but it seems it was a Flash game, so it’s no longer playable on most browsers.


(Definitely not cute.)


Misread “ねらう” as “わらう” and was thoroughly confused. Now I’m just wondering what would happen if you chose the bottom-right option for an enemy that doesn’t have legs (edit: looking closer, he does have legs, the screen I’m viewing this on makes it hard to see). Pity they made the game in Flash. :frowning:

edit: Dunno why I always typo the word “pity”. I blame Pitty.

「あしをねらう」is the kind of thing I’d expect from a Shigesato Itoi game (Earthbound, Mother 3 et cetera).

The bigger pity is that the nuked it from their servers and it seems that there isn’t even a copy floating around in the wild.

I was under the impression that the archived page I linked to was only erroring because my browser didn’t have Flash, but upon inspection the actual game isn’t even there. For whatever reason it wasn’t archived in the first place.

A lot of things that come to mind are said already.
For cuteness it is of course the child schema, like with tamagotchi, hamtaro, and so on.
For demakes, yes it’s reducing it to the essence be it a fight element or the way a character gains experience or the typical look of the characters


I found Cattails ( whilst looking up bulrushes.

I think this sort of thing could probably be done on the Pokitto.

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just found this, which might be inspiring more people:


Well the original prototype for note was an 8 bit game like the original Zelda would be neat to see something linke that on the pokitto just wish I could code lol. Though I’m learning with the microbit

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